Cortex | Business Process Outsourcing, Payroll Management, Back Office and Offshore Project Development
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CortexPH Inc is full-service staffing, staff augmentation, and managed services company

We provide high quality work with a superior level of professionalism

We are partnered with various Fortune 500 clients all over the world

We have in-depth knowledge in the service industry

We listen, understand, and provide customized solutions for the needs of our clients

Success with current clients including Panasonic, Groupon, Emerson, and Alcatel Lucent




    Provide customized staffing, staff augmentation and managed services to our Fortune 500 clients enabling our clients to achieve their full potential. CortexPH Inc ensures that we meet the clients’ objectives by precise understanding of problem areas, impact analysis, strategy build-up, and diligent execution of planning and precise delivery on time.


     To be the leading source of different clients for recruiting talents, back office processing, payroll management, and other services needed in order to meet their business objectives.


Core Values

Our core values can be defined with the acronym


     CortexPH Inc is committed in developing talents and making sure that they emerge as leaders in their chosen fields. We make sure that we empower our employees with knowledge and resources to aid them in making sensible decisions and unleash their potential and creativity. We achieve and exceed our client’s expectations and work to be a thought leader in our field.

     CortexPH Inc strives to be transparent and open with our actions. We maintain high ethical and moral standards in all our business practices.

     CortexPH Inc recognizes that our customer’s success is our success. We strive to find the best and most effective means to meet the needs of our customers. 100% satisfaction is our Guarantee!

     CortexPH Inc recognizes the value of our talents hence the focus on work-life balance and activities that makes employees more productive and engaging


Passion for creating state-of-the-art digital projects and guiding engaging